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Consulting Services


With over 15 years experience BlueLaLa Events can help give your business the upgrade it needsssssXXXX XXX. The Hospitality industry is forever shifting and we have Built and Grown buinesses during the harshist of times. BlueLaLa can offer Advice, Guidance, Strategies and Solutions to Small Businesses wanting to XXXX

Our Services

Branding and Marketing

  • Social Media/Website

  • Brand Growth

  • Menu Development

  • Creation

  • Enhancement

Operations Assessment

  • Cost Controls/Analysis

  • Systems Review

  • Accounting

  • Scheduling

  • Inventory 

  • Purchasing

  • Optics/Ambiance

Strategic Planning

  • Planning

  • Implementing

  • Evaluating

  • Goal

New Clients

  • - Naturally Rooted

  • - The Hammered Lamb

Financial Analysis

  • Profit and Loss Financial Review

  • Revenue Management

  • Increase Profits/Guest Counts

Small Businesses

  • Restaurants

  • Event Planning

  • Entertainment

  • XXXX

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