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About Us


Founded in 2004, BlueLALA Entertainment is an Orlando staple, working in partnership with multiple businesses and organizations to serve various demographics throughout Central Florida. Created to bring original theatre concepts to life, enhance experiences in club culture and produce one of a kind live events, BlueLaLa is creating change and pushing boundaries. We are proud to continue to support artists and build new and existing businesses. From strategic planning, to show curation, to original concept creation, BlueLaLa is excited to continue to change the entertainment landscape!



Owner of BlueLaLa Entertainment, Blue has been a trailblazer of the Arts community especially with The Venue Orlando, a Philanthropist, Activist and has been changing nightlife for Over 20 years in Orlando. Curator of the LONGEST RUNNING and AWARD WINNING Burlesque group The Peek-a-Boo Lounge,  Multiple Award Winning and Orlando's favorite Theatre Ensemble VarieTEASE and let's not forget Dirty Bingo and The Bingo Lady. She is the Founder of The BarberFund. A 501(c)3 organization "Helping people live with Cancer", Orlando Mags  "Women of the Year and 50 Most Powerful" Recipient of the Harvey Milk Trailblazer Award, and Orlando's Best Artist from the Orlando Weekly and Watermark. 

BlueStar resided in Marietta, GA. where due to her turned in hip disability, she started taking Ballet lessons. Fast forward many a plie, hard work, scholarships, International Ballet Competitions and at least 1 million fouettés' and found herself a Principal Dancer with a Russian Ballet Company in the A.T.L International Ballet Rotaru. Many a Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Four Seasons and of course Nutcrackers (her Principal Debut at the age of 19) later, she then had the opportunity to perform 1st Soloist with the Stars of the Bolshoi Tour and then said, "I'm good with that, I retire" She moved to NY and decided she would go to school, so she moved to Orlando. She has put her Audio Engineering Degree to work creating Orlando's favorite VarieTEASE.  After many a Lesbo-a-GoG0, Peek-a-Boo, Dirty Bingo blah la la la, She is the proud Owner and Creator of BlueLaLa Events. She is uber happy to be a part of a fast growing ARTS Community and looks forward to going BIGGER and BETTER! and of course one more thing...ONE LOVE. (you know what that all means) #BLESSED



Business Partner & Manager

No stranger to Orlando (because she's lived here most of her life) Jackie Lewin (BlueLaLa Entertainment) is the former Business Manager and cameo performer extraordinaire of The Venue. Jackie has extensive background in Managing Operations, Monitoring Financials, Business Branding & Growth, Restaurant Management and is happy to be using that Masters Degree (MBA) on the daily. If you see Jackie with one arm up that certainly means she is having a good time and a step touch dance move will soon follow! Meet the one that holds us all together Jackie Lewin. 

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